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Cross Trainer Stuff review and sell a full range of home exercise equipment like the PowerTech X Train 1000 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, this is one of the cheapest cross trainers available in the UK but it has a great range of features and very good quality you get an easy to use exercise computer, with pulse sensors built into the handlebars, so simply hold the handlebars as you are exercising and your pulse will be measured through the handlebars and your heart rate calculate.
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If your taller or shorter than most then your be interested in the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer which has height adjustable handlebars, simple adjust the handlebar height up or down to the height that best fits you and you won't need any tools as all the adjustments can be made by turning easy to use hand and thumb wheels.

For the cheapest Home Elliptical Cross Trainer with dual handlebars buy the Cintura Sports Pulse Elliptical Trainer, with dual handlebars you get two exercise machines in one, you get a set of static or non-moving handlebars which make a step action when you hold them and it's very much like a step machine working your lower body and you get moving handlebars which provide the cross trainer action and are for working out your upper and lower body.

Looking for a cross trainer delivered in a hurry then buy the IM Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer, this bestselling elliptical trainer from IronMan is in stock and delivered free of charge within 48 hours of ordering plus you get eight levels of resistance so its ideal for the whole family, start of with a lower level of resistance and as you get fitter increase your resistance level.

If your trying to lose weight then the Body Sculpture BE 6730GKHO Magnetic Elliptical Strider will help not only is it very reasonably priced but it comes with a Body Fat calculator, simply hold the handlebars and your body fat will be calculated using the BMI Body Mass Index method, measure your body fat when you first buy the cross trainer and then measure your body fat again after cross training to see how much fat you have lost, its much better than thinking you look thinner you actually know.

If space is at a premium at home then buy the Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical as it's a folding elliptical cross trainer that has wheels so when not in use you can push the elliptical trainer against the wall out of the way or even wheel the elliptical trainer into another room when your not exercising.

For those of you who want to count calories then buy the Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Cross Trainer which measures the calories your burning whilst your cross training so you can see in real time how many calories your losing the advantage of this is that if your following a calorie controlled diet then your need to know exactly how many calories your have burned so you can keep a record.

For the whole family the Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical Trainer is recommended as it has a programmable setting for up to four different users so four people can store their settings, make changes to the exercise programmes and save their preferences under their own profile for instant recall when they want to exercise, it's like having four separate exercise machines in one.

If your looking for an elliptical trainer with lots of different exercise programmes to keep you interested then take a look at the Body Sculpture BE-5510GE Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Trainer which has 22 different exercise programmes from losing weight, burning calories, increasing cardiovascular activity to just having fun there many different exercise programmes to use and all have been specially designed with specific training goals in mind.

Having trouble finding a cross trainer that actually fits you then take a look at the Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider which has large adjustable footplates that you can adjust without needing any tools, if you find your feet are always forced up onto the foot guards because you have no room or that your feet always bang the cross trainer as you try to exercise then chances are you should be using an adjustable cross trainer.

For a commercial quality cross trainer buy the SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer which is tough and made to last as it is used in sports centres and gyms around the UK as well as in the home, the cross trainer features a two year warranty and high specification exercise computer as well as sixteen levels of resistance so there's always plenty of exercise options.

If your tall then your need the SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer as it has an adjustable stride, the taller you are the bigger your stride and the more problems your have finding a cross trainer that you actually fit on without one that forces you to take tiny cros train steps because the stride length is just not big enough for your height, you won't have those problems with the adjustable stride length on the SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer.

Having problems with your floor causing your exercise machine to wobble and vibrate maybe even scratching the floor then buy the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer as this cross trainer features adjustable floor levellers which will compensate for any uneven floor and give you an exercise experienced which is not filled with squeaks, rattles and vibrations as your cross trainer wobbles on an uneven floor.

If levelling feet are what your looking for but your looking for an exercise bike instead then take a look at the Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike which has levelling feet so no more wobbly floors and also has a colour LCS display so you can see what exercise programme your using, you speed and distance as well as choosing from one of the eighteen separate exercise programmes available to use.

Looking for something more fashionable then choose the Body Sculpture BC-5510GE Magnetic Exercise Bike which is a white exercise bike with orange highlights, in fact so much of the exercise bike is orange there's a debate if the bike is white or orange, neither the less this exercise bike has stunning good looks and features magnetic resistance so its very quiet in operation and ideal if you live in a flat or anywhere you need to keep the noise down for the neighbours.

If rowing machines are more your thing then consider the Cintura Sports Osiris Air Rowing Machine which folds away for easy storage with the long beam folding upwards the rowing machine looks more like an upright vacuum cleaner and takes about the same amount of space so its easy to put in a corner of the room out of the way and even easier to unfold when its time to exercise again.

Want an air resistance rower exactly like the ones they use in the gym then buy the Body Sculpture BR-2700 Air Rowing Machine which features a big fan at the front that provides the resistance to your rowing and looks every bit the professional home rowing machine with silver fan housing and black comfortable seat on a smooth track that keeps resistance low so its very effortless to slide backwards and forwards.

Want to watch TV when your on your treadmill then get the Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill as it has a flat panel television built into then console of the treadmill, ideal for watching TV as you run or watch a DVD as you walk this treadmill gives you many more options than simply getting bored whilst your exercising and with 25 exercise programmes built in, its a serious home treadmill.

For a very modern take on a semi-commercial treadmill buy the PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill which features a single column design which as well as looking very modern means that there's more room for your feet so your less likely to accidentally kick the front of the treadmill as your exercising and with built in speakers for your radio or MP3 player you don't need to wear headphones anymore.

Vibration plates are very popular because they are 33% more effective than exercise alone take the PowerTech 1500W Vibration Machine not only do you get the best vibration plate but you also get a massage machine as the high power vibrations make for a relaxing and refreshing all body massage which you have full control over as you can adjust both the strength of the vibrations as well as their speed.

For a more powerful vibration plate take a look at the PowerTech 2000W Vibration Machine which features a 2000 watt motor that makes the vibrations so whether your looking for the best vibration plate or just a very powerful all over body massage machine then you have found them both with the PowerTech 2000W Vibration Machine.

IronMann have had much success with their innovative range of home gyms and this continues with the IronMan HG017 4 Station Gym which is a complete gym in a multigym design for home use, whatever piece of exercise equipment you will have used at the gym you can guarantee that its built into this impressive home multigym.

Many home gym manufacturers don't include any weights with their home gyms which means when you buy one of their home gyms your forced to go out and spend more money on a weight stack, not so with the IronMan HG011 3 Station Gym with Dip Stand where 200lbs of weights are included free of charge, plus you get free delivery as well which is just as well as it might have been expensive sending all that weight by courier.

Garden trampolines are always popular and that continues with the Big Air Universal Rectangular 7ft x 10ft plus Safety Enclosure, the rectangular trampoline is the professionals choice as you get much greater bounce on a rectangular trampoline, just look on the television whenever they show professional trampolines your find its a rectangular trampoline.

If you want a round trampoline for the whole family to enjoy then buy the Big Air Universal 14ft plus Safety Enclosure, when Big Air say that's its universal they mean that everyone both child and adult can bounce on this trampoline and get good height and with the included safety enclosure which is like a big fabric fence that surrounds the sides of the trampoline no one can fall out and hurt themselves.

After all that exercise you might need a soothing massage and we have just the thing for you with the Orchid Geras Massage Table in Cream, this beautiful massage table folds away for easy storage and features faux leather and memory foam for ultimate comfort and a very stylish looking massage table that I'm sure all your clients will love.

If your massage clients are always stuck for what to do with their hands when their having a massage then the Orchid Iris Superlight Massage Table in Cream is for them as it features side arm rests and a separate hand rest at the front, the hand rests suspends down below the face cradle and gives the massage client somewhere to put their hands whilst they are lying on their front. You can't DCUK your responsibilities when it's time to get fit.
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